Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Course Overview

Course Description

In this advanced course, students will review the book, The Twelve Powers, by Charles Fillmore, and PowerUP by Paul Hasselbeck and Cher Holton. In doing so, they will also review many basic Unity principles. Students’ working knowledge of Unity Truth Principles will then be put into practical application in their own lives. Through the use of these Truth Principles, students have the opportunity to learn the Truth and power of their Divinity.

Course Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, learners will be able to:
·       Name and describe the 12 powers both from ego/personality and Christ  Consciousness.
·       Explain degeneration, generation, and regeneration and how they apply in your life.
·       Demonstrate applications of each of the 12 Powers in your life.

Required Text/Readings

     Hasselbeck, Paul, Holton, Cher. PowerUp. Prosperity Publishing House. 2009.

   Fillmore, Charles, Twelve Powers of Man. Unity Village, MO: Unity Books.
   Free Download

S.E.E. Credit Students must enroll for credit (fee applies) at www.uwsi.org PRIOR to the end of class on June 9. (Carefully follow link For Students – Register for Courses / SEE Field Course registration / Search for TWELVE Powers / click on May 5 promo graphic.  Proceed to shopping cart.  For registration problems, contact UWSI via their website “About / Contact Us.”

Assignment for Credit – Will be discussed in class and will be due by June 26.

Welcome, students!  I look forward to our Zoom classroom and an in-depth study of Unity’s foundational teaching of the Twelve Powers.  The Hasselbeck/Holton book, Power Up, is especially useful for those new to the concept of divine powers.  It describes how we use each power, consciously and subconsciously, and each chapter provides activities to practice awareness and conscious usage of each ability. Power Up also has wonderful reference charts.  With a grasp of practical use, each week we will consider each power in light of Fillmore’s spiritual ideal of “regeneration” and what it means to live spiritually, to live from the “Christ within.”  I hope that Fillmore’s insights will make you scratch your head and say “Huh?”  I request that you prepare for each class by reading, musing, and being prepared to share your revelations and your confusions!  Remember that Unity believes in questioning and individual questing.  So do I!  See you May 5!  Blessings, Bev

Dear Students, attached is a table of topics for each of our class sessions.  Please read the chapters listed as preparation for each class.  The Fillmore text was published in 1930 and composed of his lessons prior to that time.  This context will assist your understanding of this book which uses Biblical imagery and references Bible stories that may be unfamiliar.  Also, the correct grammar in 1930 used the masculine to refer to nouns of more than one gender, i.e.  Fillmore’s use of “man” was correct usage to refer to humankind (mankind included women).  Use the “Question Helps” at back of book to assist in understanding his key ideas.


Preparation  for Class
CF = Charles Fillmore book
HH = Hasselbeck/Holton book
May 5
·      WELCOME
·      Syllabus Review & Credit Requirements
·      Intro to Fillmore’s foundational ideas
·      The Development of Faith
·      Generative Life (HH Appendix 2)
CF Ch.1   The Twelve Powers,
      Ch.2   Development of Faith
      Ch.13 Generative Life
HH Pg.1-8 Intro, Pg. 9-22 Faith
      Pg.119-126 Life
May 12
·      Ways to study 12 Powers
·      Question Helps
·      WISDOM
CF Ch.3 Strength-Stability-
      Ch.4 Wi0zsdom—Judgment
HH Pg.23-32 Strength
      Pg.33-44 Judgment/Wisdom
May 19
·      LOVE
·      POWER
CF Ch.5 Regenerating Lov
     Ch 6 Power-Dominion-Mastery
HH Pg.45-56 Love
      Pg.57-64 Power / Dominion
May 26
CF Ch.7 Imagination in Regeneration 
       Ch.8 Understanding
HH Pg.65-72 Imagination
       Pg.73-80 Understanding
June 2
·      WILL
·      ORDER
CF Ch.9  The Will is the Man
      Ch.10 Spiritual Law and Order
HH Pg.81-90 Will
   Pg.91-98 Order
June 9
·      RELEASE
·      Review
CF Ch.11 Zeal – Enthusiasm
      Ch.12 Renunciation
HH Pg.99-108 Zeal / Enthusiasm
   Pg.109-117 Elimination/Release